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Adello Direct



Save Time and Stay in Control

Cost & Time Efficiency

No minimum budgets required. Being super easy to use, you can create mobile campaigns in under five minutes. Adello Direct will save you time AND money.

Stunning Creatives

Advertising talks to people. Our simple to use Ad Unit builder creates stunning creative formats such as our award-winning Hypercube or interactive ads such as Booklet or Peel.


Stay in control over you data and maintain control over your campaigns. Data Transparency allows you to work with the campaign results you get.

Unique and stunning creative advertising formats

Match your campaign goals with a broad variety of Ad Unit templates! Whether you want customers to engage with your advertisement or your campaign has branding purpose. We continually bring out newly designed Ad Unit formats that make sure your audience group will notice your advertisement.

Our Creative Advertising Formats

Adello Direct Dashboard

Create Mobile Campaigns with just a few clicks.
Add multiple campaigns for A-B testing Campaigns. Precise audience targeting by age, gender, interest group and geo data selection. Upload images for your Ad Unit Creative and simply click to get the Ad Unit created. During the campaign run, monitor your campaign results in real-time.


Campaign Reporting

Obtain deep insights of campaign reporting data and maintain control over key figures to drive your Marketing performance
With a low latency, we are showing all important metrics, including your spendings and performance per time, OS, demographics, and many more.


Success Story

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Mobile Advertising

Machine Learning Technology to drive your KPI

Are you new to Mobile Advertising? We explain how Mobile Advertising works, why and how Adello uses patented AdCTRL™ Machine Learning Technology to understand and learn what drives your KPI’s.

We explain how our High Frequency Trading technology is fastest in-class and allows to acquire and process data in real-time to deliver the customers KPI based on data combinations found worldwide, at scale.

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