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The power of data visualization

In order to stay competitive, companies need to own a data-driven business strategy. In this edition of Adello Magazine, Kate Strachnyi, Founder of DATAcated and DATAcated Academy, will share some insights on why data is important and how to empower your business strategy with data storytelling.

In advertising, data can tell us if a creative was successful, and how people react and interact with it, enabling the marketer to discover new behavioral patterns. Adello’s focus of the month will be on translating creativity into data, by learning how to read and understand heatmaps.

Data represents real life. It is a snapshot of the world in the same way that a photograph captures a small moment in time. Data helps people make informed decisions and can help organizations be more efficient and profitable.

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Adello Magazine 2021 #3 - Kate

3 Keys to marketing success

Today, understanding your audience is not enough for success. Analyzing and influencing their behavior will bring your business to the next level.

In this edition of Adello Magazine, together with Miret Padovani, Director of Marketing & Communications at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, we focus on the three marketing pillars: Flexibility, Personalization, and Relevance and revealing where to gather behavioral data for your marketing campaigns.

Marketers should consider different scenarios that might unfold. Most of what’s happening right now in the world are beyond our control, and we need to be ready for change. Flexibility enables us to accept uncertainty without being too committed to a specific plan, campaign, or idea.

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The art & science of hospitality

We at Adello believe that marketing can be exceptional when tied to human behavior. By understanding who, when, where, and how, companies can build trust, awareness, and human-centric brand positioning. This year, we will dive deeper into the most exposed industries and interview top marketing experts to share their vision and recommendations on running a profitable business in 2021.

In this first edition, we focus on the tourism & hospitality industry with Yoann Pahud Hernandez, the Director of Sales & Marketing at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneva. Yoann shared how to deal with the post-pandemic recovery and create new touchpoints with the local audience.

Hospitality in Switzerland is seen more like a science. In Spain, it is treated like art. It is crucial to combine both the science and the excellence in service while keeping an important part of authenticity, being genuine and natural.

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