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Featuring Manuela Leonhard

This year gave us not only bad news, changes, and instability but also the biggest push in digital transformation on a global scale. It taught us compassion, inclusion, and the power of giving. In this edition, we would like to look at how the pandemic impacted the work of city administrations. People who always met you in the town hall picked your call or replied in physical mail. Those who, despite the traditional processes, were able to go digital and even make an impact by endorsing solidarity in social media. Manuela Leonhard, the personal assistant to Zurich’s mayor, Corine Mauch, shares how she connected people around Zurich via the most popular social media channels.

I felt how the solidarity and positive encouragement increased on social media, as we were all in the same boat. And this is how social distancing turned into digital growth through social media.

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Adello Magazine Manuela Leonhard

Featuring Selma Kuyas

This year’s digital boom made technologies as automatization, robotics, and AI in many traditional industries widely accepted. Recruiting is not an exception. Both, job applicants and recruiters, try to find more creative and efficient way to find jobs and talents. Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, learn how to use digital channels to find new job opportunities from a leading European expert in resume writing Selma Kuyas.

The classic CV has had its day – HR must stretch its recruiting processes to reach the target group: a group with strong technical affinity and digital skills.

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Featuring Reshma Ramachandran

Agile teams are more adaptable in times of crisis as we have already experienced during the first corona lockdown phase in spring. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the announcement of the new ‘lockdown light’ is attracting attention from the majority of technology-driven companies. Reshma Ramachandran shares valuable insights on how agile leadership is being established in corporates and what key values can be derived from it.

Organizations that have failed to turn around or have unsuccessfully tried to transform are the ones that were not agile enough. They are plagued with the common issues that are prevalent in most large organizations – siloed working, lack of collaboration, not seeing the big picture, inside-in thinking – all of which ultimately corrodes the culture of the organization and pave way for an extremely toxic culture. The toxicity of the culture then takes the entire organization on a downward spiral, which ultimately leads to an extremely slow and painful death.

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Featuring Hannah Amstad

Those who learn and work being intrinsically motivated, achieve faster and better results. What has long been proven by neuroscience is also a recipe for success for Hannah Amstad’s team

Empower people to empower business. This has been my guiding principle for many years and it is crisis-proof

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Featuring Nicolas Bürer

Hybrid formats, digital infrastructure, war for talents, data privacy and sustainability…Nicolas Bürer names them all when talking about the most pressing topics in the area innovation for Switzerland.

Our digital and innovative future will be hybrid. It must be able to rely on a resilient infrastructure, serve sustainability, take the issue of data protection seriously, and find, promote and retain talent.

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Featuring Ashley Dudarenok

Learnings from China? Over the last 6 months China has not only fought against Covid-19, but has also proven how quickly the economy adapts to new circumstances. China expert Ashley Dudarenok gives a broad overview of the nation’s lessons and the most successful new business models.
Ashley is a serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, bestselling author, vlogger, podcaster, media spokesperson and spokeswoman for entrepreneurship. Her topics include social media marketing, personal branding, female entrepreneurship and marketing in China.

In tough times like these, what people care about most is themselves, their health, and their feelings. China’s situation has taught us that with new business models, empathetic communication, and advanced technology, many companies can find a way to survive in the new normal. In the meantime, we have to admit that the future of some industries is uncertain.

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Featuring Thomas Kaiser

The global digital transformation brought a wave of disrupting innovations and business models. It opened the borders and grew the opportunities for co-creation in every industry. Today, continuous and focused investments are an essential ingredient for corporate success and startups’ growth. For many companies, it is the next logical step to create or to approach Corporate Venture Capital (CVC). Thomas Kaiser, a partner at Ringier Digital Ventures and at Marcau Partners with more than 20 years of experience in digital transformation projects, shares his recommendations on when and how to approach CVC in these times of crisis.

The more successful a business model is today, the greater the chance that it will attract challengers. Disruption, in all consistency, always comes from the outside.

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Featuring Kamales Lardi

Digital transformation expert and future visionary Kamales Lardi advocates a clear strategy for management in the times of crisis: Stabilize business models and make them profitable. Analysing data and markets, identifying trends and developing scenarios. At the moment companies are especially challenged to react quickly to changes and to continuously adapt to new circumstances. Lardi is nevertheless convinced:

Making the leap from vision to action can be challenging, even under normal conditions. During a crisis, having a clear and concise approach can help accelerate achievable outcomes.

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Featuring Gerd Leonhard

“Data is a new currency.” Only 50 years ago, it was hard to imagine how dramatically technologies could change our world. And here we are, in the new reality, where sometimes we catch ourselves thinking that the AI knows us better than our loved ones. So how keep what really matters in this life and stay humans full of emotions and compassion? How to retain customers’ trust and develop sustainable business? Gerd Leonhard, one of the most famous Futurists worldwide, shares his view on the future of humanity and technology, digital ethics, future leadership, and foresights.

Embrace technology but do not become. Remember that technology is not what we seek but HOW we seek!  

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Featuring Lida Tohidi

Diverse teams deliver better results. Global Award-Winning Consultant Lida Tohidi has been promoting diversity for over 12 years. Lida is very passionate about mindfulness, diversity, and inclusion in technology companies and beyond. She has spoken at dozens of tech conferences and events ranging from Anaplan, Google, LinkedIn, Make School, Mavenlink, Microsoft, Mobify, Outco, WeWork, and Women in STEM. She is playing a major role in WEST (Women Entering and Staying in Tech) – a 1-year long mentorship program that addresses the fact that women in tech leave at over twice the rate of men.

Companies with diverse management teams are more innovative. They’re more likely to produce winning ideas—and as a result, they make more money. Diversity is not just a metric to strive for; it is actually an integral part of a successful revenue-generating business.  

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Featuring David B Horne

The four letters to start-up success! FACE: Fund, Acquire, Consolidate, Exit developed by David B Horne, a serial entrepreneur and author of the book “Add Then Multiply – How small businesses can think like big businesses and achieve exponential growth“. In this edition of Adello Magazine, David B Horne talks about the opportunities that start-ups have in the current economic crisis if they are well-positioned for investors and think like a large corporation but act as agile as a start-up. 

Based on my experience the strongest key factors for long-term survival are: (i) a strong and balanced executive team; (ii) product-market fit; (iii) willingness to take risks balanced by the discipline to cut losses and move on if it’s not working; and (iv) good luck.

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Featuring Markus Naef

Markus Naef describes himself as being passionate for digitalization and digital transformation. In his role as CEO for the SwissSign Group he accompanies people and companies into a successful digital future.

Digitalization will help companies to be more efficient, it will deliver growth and prosperity to the country and it will deliver more freedom and improved customer experience to the population. Don’t be afraid of the digitalization, embrace it as a huge opportunity.

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Featuring Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler

Kuno Schedler has been the main driver of government and administration digitization in Switzerland for almost 30 years. He is an expert in public sector reforms, public sector accounting, corporate governance of state-owned enterprises, and digital government. As a leading researcher and author of several important books Kuno reveals the importance of people in quest for digital government.

It is the people with their needs, knowledge and ideals who live change and thus create new structures. The prospect of public and private actors working together even more intensively and creatively in a smart administration arouses curiosity.

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Featuring Frank Bodin

Frank Bodin has been among the most influential people in the world of advertising and creative, in Switzerland and Europe. He is President of the ADC Art Directors Club Switzerland, Communications Council of ks/cs Kommunikation Schweiz and a member of numerous boards. While Frank drives innovation and embraces digital, he has been a strong proponent of focusing on the essence of advertising: getting a meaningful message across.

Data are only enablers, instruments. But without the right idea linked to this instrument, every campaign will evaporate. The art remains to create brand loyalty beyond all logic and reason.

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Featuring Joko Vogel

Joko Vogel is a digital enthusiast and innovator of the Swiss cycling eco-system.
He is Co-Owner and Co-CEO of Cycling Unlimited AG, the company that operates the largest Swiss cycling tour for professional cyclists – the Tour de Suisse. This year Joko made a big step into digital converting the Tour de Suisse into a 100% digital event, fully supported by all sponsors.

We would like to push digitalization in a direction that makes sport even more attractive, entertaining, and exciting for fans, participants of our amateur racers and spectators. As a result, sport will become more attractive and more people will follow it… 
…And we have certainly taken the first step towards this goal!

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Featuring Cedrick Wolf

Cedrick Wolf is a technology enthusiast growing up surrounded by the newest gadgets. 12 years in the industry have taken him from media agency to big Swiss publishing houses like “20 Minuten” and global tech companies like “Teads” where he ran the publisher management for 12 countries. His focus is on understanding and decrypting the aspects of digital.

In times of uncertainty, materialistic consumption decreases while the demand for information increases. We are extremely careful about where to invest but want to be informed on our possible future and how circumstances will impact us personally…
…We need to understand transformation as an ongoing process, not as an ending project.

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Featuring Laure Frank

Laure Frank has managed all operational and strategic Digital & Omnichannel activities at Manor, the biggest department store chain in Switzerland. Her major focus is on digitizing Manor through the introduction of a variety of new Omnichannel offerings.

This worldwide COVID-19 crisis is a unique eyes-opening event. It highlights very clearly the new Retail models we do need to continue building and reinforce for the future.

It’s a real chance to get the strategic priorities set under customer-centric considerations with a strong commitment of the overall organization.

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Featuring Michel Jordi

Michel Jordi is the creator and founder of the Swiss Ethno Watch and LE CLIP. He pioneered Swissness with the legendary Swiss Ethno watch in 1991. Jordi established his brand internationally with a successful image transfer and a complete line of accessory products. In 2018 he received the “Leadership Award” from the EU Business School, Barcelona. His article focuses on the importance of wearing masks to protect each other.

What shocks me is how our politicians played it down because they were unable to provide supplies. Just like toilet paper, masks have become a rare commodity in the western world resulting in a guerilla war for masks among nations!…

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Featuring Kathrin Hösli

Head of Explorations at Swisscom within the Digital Business Unit of Swisscom. She is responsible for the identification and development of new growth opportunities. Kathrin strongly believes in open innovation approaches within the relevant ecosystems.

Due to the quarantine, more people are forced to cover their needs digitally. Companies, and even entire industries, that want to remain available for their clients, are currently moving towards digitalization.

Our routine is dramatically changing and many employees, students and customers may not want to switch back to the previous mode, as this new digital way of collaboration brings many advantages…

Furthermore, Herbert Bay, Founder and Entrepreneur on how start-ups secure their business during this crisis.

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Featuring Prof. Dr. Harley Krohmer

Since 2004 Professor of Marketing and Director of the Institute of Marketing and Management at the University of Bern. Author of various marketing books and research papers on branding, pricing, marketing strategy, digital business, and luxury marketing in internationally leading academic journals.

We are now facing a global crisis. We are also facing very high uncertainty: will this crisis really be the biggest crisis of our generation? Which decisions should governments and people take in the next weeks, and how will these decisions change our future world? How different will be the world we will inhabit? The following four hypotheses speculate about this question with a focus on future consumer behavior and digital business opportunities….

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