Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Advertising

I am new to Mobile Advertising. What is….

  • CPM
    Cost per mille = cost per thousand impressions. Advertising can be purchased on the basis of exposing the ad to one thousand viewers. It is used in marketing as a benchmarking metric to calculate the relative cost of an advertising campaign or an ad message in a given medium. A focus on CPM makes sense the intention of a campaign is to focus on brand awareness or delivering a specific message.
  • CPC
    Cost per click is the cost an advertiser pays each time a mobile user clicks on the ad. Selection of CPC makes sense if the advertiser wants to direct as many users as possible to the corresponding landing page.
  • vCPM
    Viewable Cost per Mille. vCPM focuses on impressions which are visible to the user in contrast to just delivering them to an arbitrary placement. Those can sometimes be hidden from the view at the bottom of the page. It makes sense to use this, when visibility of the ad is the focus and not just sheer amount of delivery.
Campaign Set-Up

How do I set up a campaign in Adello Direct?
After you received your login, you can choose a guided tour of the tool helping you to get an overview. However, if you are familiar with setting up mobile campaigns, you will recognize most of the functionality.

How long does it take me to set up a campaign in Adello Direct?
First time using Adello Direct you will probably need not more than half an hour to set up your campaign. Campaigns following after will not take you more than a few minutes.

Why don’t you offer audience targeting for CPC optimized campaign goals?
Optimizing your campaign for CPC is from a performance marketing perspective very tempting because it means, that you will be able to direct as many potential customers to your website/app as possible. However, in programmatic advertising to get a significantly lower CPC price than buying CPM with a high CTR the algorithm needs to have a broad range of traffic available to cherry pick the best matching traffic/users. Therefore, over the last ten years we have been in business we’ve experienced far better results with CPC campaigns with no additional targeting. Overall, it makes more sense to not narrow down a CPC campaign goal for audience but bid on all available and less expensive spaces. The quality of the CPC is not affected by this, because you can assume that only interested audiences will actually click through.


I want to build an adunit in Adello Direct. Which creative formats can I use?
Different Ad Unit types support different formats. For instance static Ad Units can be delivered in many formats, including the most popular formats banner (320×50) and rectangle (300×250). Interactive Ad Units, e.g. the swipe cube, often support only bigger formats as rectangles and interstitials.
To give you an overview on supported formats (industry standard) please refer to this overview on Ad Builder requirements.

Which Creatives should I use?
That is a difficult question to answer. It highly depends on the overall targets of your campaign, but overall simple formats such as card deck or cube invite users to interact with the ad. By using multi-flight campaigns you can compare two different creatives for a campaign and then analyze afterwards which format worked best.


Campaign Run

I don’t see my campaign, even if I am in the right audience group. What are the reasons for it?

The ad exchange system is complex, thus there are various reasons why an advertisement is not being played out even though the targeting is precise. Reasons for this can be:

  • Some Apps don’t send data to the bid exchanges that allow Adello to bid on.
  • Some publishers share traffic with other advertising companies and Adello can’t buy free ad space.
  • Some publishers push their own advertisement first, before sending free space to the ad exchanges.
  • Some publishers block unknown advertisers


Campaign Booking and Billing

How do you make sure that I set up my campaign correctly?

We communicate a 24 turn-around (workdays) and review cycle for campaigns ordered through Adello.Direct. During that time of the campaign is shown with status: pending in the Adello.Direct Dashboard.
If you have questions during the campaign set-up, you can always contact our Support team.

How do I pay for my campaign?

You will receive an invoice for your campaign with all details from our finance team. It will list how much you spend on your media budget and it also lists the service fee.

Which payment methods and currencies do you allow?
We accept bank transfer for your payments.

Fraud & Fraud Protection

What is Fraud?

As in every market, also in the digital advertisement space, there are people who want to make money with illegals means. Since the distribution of money is based on impressions, the generating of artificial impressions can be used to siphon parts of the money payed by advertisers to fraudsters. Thus, instead of people paying attention to advertisements, bots are used to mimic humans, but nobody ever puts their eyes on the ads.

This fraud is generated using programs running in data centers, via malware on infected devices, or within fraudulent apps.

Why does fraud affect my campaign success?

We often use artificial metrics to determine the success of a campaign. Numbers of impressions, click rates, or price per session are frequently used as a means to determine if a campaign is successful. And fraudulent traffic is able to deliver those kinds of metrics. Bot programs are able to click on ads or even dwell on the landing page.
But in the end, advertisers are not interested in clicks or landings, but in brand recognition and conversions. And those goals can only be achieved if a human is paying attention to the advertisement. Thus, the presence of fraud always will decrease the base-line performance of the campaign.

GDPR Compliance & Privacy Policy

Are your GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant and only use anonymous or pseudonymous data which does not allow the identification of individual persons.

For the use of our data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ad Blockers

Ad Blockers can interfere with the performance of Adello Direct

Some AdBlockers are known to block links with the name ‘ad’ in it – if you encounter difficulties, please check if you are using an ad-blocker and whitelist (for the web application) and (for this website).


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