Mobile ad formats that will boost your ad campaign ROI

Speaking about digital ad trends we cannot ignore mobile. The targeted mobile ad doesn’t stop to amaze. Just several hours ago you were searching for tips to lose weight and the next time you open an app on your smartphone – the banner of a gym in your neighborhood suddenly popped up.

The mobile ad has great potential as the number of unique mobile users reached 5.110 billion in 2019, which is 66% of the total world population, according to Datareportal. Of course, who wouldn’t want to promote their product to such a wide audience?

It’s not a surprise that in 2019, digital is going to take more than half of the global ad market, according to eMarketer. Despite the tendency of declining, the digital ad growth rate, by 2023 it will occupy 60,5% of total media ad spending with roughly $517,51 billion.

Still, the potential of in-app advertising has not been recognized by all marketeers yet, so today we share 5 types of mobile ad you can use to impress your audience.

1) Banner Ad

The most common form of mobile ad is a banner ad. If you are a smartphone user (the statistic says that you are) there is a high chance that you have already experienced different kinds of the banner ad. The banner ad is usually a combination of images and text with a strong call to action.

Some sources claim that the effectiveness of banners began to decrease because peoples tend to ignore them, as it called Banner Blindness, or choose paid apps instead. They are right saying that users become more selective and don’t click on every banner in a row. But technologies don’t stop developing and also become more sophisticated.

Banner ads are the most simple advertising format of an ad unit.
Mainly, they are used for branding purpose.

There are so many different options to impress and attract your audience. Turn your imagination on and build a stunning banner ad that works across screens!

2) Native Ad

A native ad is quite close to the banner ad, but it is less evident and irritable. This type of mobile ad was designed to blend the smartphone environment naturally, like a part of apps. Nowadays, the top native ads come with the countless advantages and its biggest benefit – it can’t be blocked. The way to encourage engagement with an advertisement can vary. Play with 360° panoramic ad, scratch cards, peel ad, swipe cubes, flip cards, and gyroscope to find what better expresses your message.

To encourage people to engage with an ad, creative formats like ‘Peel’ or ‘Booklet’ offer the opportunity to play with the advertisement and thus have a higher rate of a successful CTR.

3) Interstitial Ad

These are full-screen video or images that appear on transition points of apps, so the user can reach the next level. This type of mobile ad has a high impression- and click-rate due to its full-screen size.

To get everything from your campaign you can implement an interactive 360° panoramic video or image that will amaze your audience and boost the click rate.

4) Video Ad

A video ad is among the fastest growing segments in digital and mobile ad. Just in the US mobile video ad spending is expected to grow more than on 64% by 2022, going from $15.93 billion in 2019 to $24.81 billion in 2022, according to eMarketer.

In-App video ads create awareness and result in longer engagement of mobile users
with the ad

Indeed, watching videos on mobile has become way more popular than TV. The number of US smartphone video viewers is going reach 187.7 million in 2019, with their ranks growing to almost 205 million by 2022.

But keep in mind, no matter how popular mobile videos are, the combination of creativity and simplicity is the key!

5) Rewarded Video Ad

A rewarded video ad is one of the most interesting mobile ad formats. Its value exchange idea allows users to get some types of rewards – like gold, diamonds, credits, etc. (unfortunately, valid just on the app) – after watching the ad.

The primary goal here is to enhance the app publisher’s ad revenue, the main weapon – these videos are non-skippable.


Over time, the mobile ad is becoming more sophisticated and not using this tool in your marketing campaign would be a big omission. If you know your product and audience (I’m sure you do) it’s going to be easy to choose the best type of mobile ad for your campaign.

Easy-to-use SaaS solutions can give you the opportunity to play with mobile ad creations, set your targeting requirements and estimate the number of clicks and impressions for each campaign. Done! Everything on your dashboard – just take a decision.

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