Mobile Advertising Championship 1H 2019

With the raise of ad technologies it’s getting harder to create a stunning ad unit that will crush mobile users’ ad blindness. So how to choose the right ad unit?

We, here at Adello, have conducted a competition on “Best Performing Adello Direct Ad Units” to gain insights and learn from the experiences of the industry key players. The motive of this competition was also to ease your decision making and provide recommendation on how to choose ad unit for your future campaigns.

We cross referenced the data with millions of interactions from previously run campaigns in Switzerland, EMAE, the USA and APAC.

We compared 5 most popular Adello Direct ad units with different attributes:

  • overlapping slider,
  • flip card,
  • swipe cube,
  • scratch card,
  • card deck.

Below you’ll find a cheat sheet which can help you to make your future campaigns successful.

The winner is Adello’s in-house developed “swipe cube” which has attributes of 4 facets, supports video, and is preferred by majority of the industries across regions!

Make your decision! 😉

Why waste your valuable time and energy by going back and forth in the long media supply chain; get Adello’s Saas platform “Adello Direct” today and make your ad campaigns live in minutes with easy-to-create, anti-ad-blindness interactive ad units.

P.s.: We also offer complimentary Ad Fraud prevention – AdCTRL, and you don’t need any specific minimum budget to run an ad campaign on Adello Direct. Try it now!

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