Part 2: Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Adello Direct – Targeting options

Part two of our blog series on the performance outcome of a branding B2B marketing campaign on three different platforms will focus on the different targeting options you will be offered on Facebook, LinkedIn and Adello Direct. Earlier this week we signed up for the advertising competition as a live challenge.

To start with, I don’t want to bore you by simply outlining all your targeting options and settings over all three platforms. But what I would like to show is what each platform will offer and what will make sense for a B2B advertising campaign in my very own opinion.

These are just targeting options you should consider before setting up your campaign. We will talk about performance outcome and cost of all three platforms in the next blog posts as our goal is to reveal what platform serves B2B needs better.

From the first sight all – Facebook, LinkedIn and Adello Direct – share some similarities, however, each boasts different functionalities and potential to reach a unique audiences.

First of all, selecting which platform is best for your campaigns depends on your brand and your brand marketing strategy. Whether you plan a campaign for brand awareness or a lead generation campaign, you might choose different platforms or a combination of several.

Furthermore, the best solution depends on the audience you’re targeting and what platform they engage on. If your business serves small hairdressers or local retailers it might have a lot of sense to use Facebook or Adello Direct to advertise your products/services. On the other hand, if you offer professional tech service for the automotive industry, maybe you want to target key decision makers on LinkedIn based of their job title or via Adello Direct on specialized automotive apps.

Another recommendation is to stay updated regarding different privacy protection laws to make sure that a platform you use is running campaigns according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and e-Privacy compliance. 

When setting up campaigns on the three different platforms, you will quickly discover the potential of complexity. Facebook offers a big variety of different targeting options, as they have built their targeting on a big pool of personal, social data. You will find similar targeting options on LinkedIn. The major difference between these two platforms and Adello Direct is, that Adello Direct will run your advertisement in a mobile web and In-App environment, whilst Facebook and LinkedIn are ‘limited’ to run the ads in their own environment. Meaning, you will need people to be an active member of these networks, whilst Adello Direct is like Google placing the ad throughout mobile web and In-App. 

I don’t want to state which platform is better than the other. There is no better in terms of targeting, because every platform has a different focus. As I mentioned before, the choice of which platform you’ll use will highly depend on your Marketing strategy. It will probably make sense to try different platforms and compare the performance outcome and then further narrow down your future decisions. Often, you will come up with more than just one solution and choice.

We set up a brand awareness campaign on all three platforms started on August 14th, 2019. Monitoring the campaigns throughout their run-time already shows after 24 hours quite significant different outcome in terms of performance. If you are interested in the performance results, make sure to follow us with the next upcoming blog article on ‘Monitoring campaign performance‘ coming up soon.

What’s your performance experience when setting up B2B Marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Adello Direct? Share your insights with our community!

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