Not Much

Pricing Plan

100% transparency. We spend 100% of your media budget on your campaign

Adello Direct charges only a 15% flat fee on top*.
Including agency fee + all other hidden tech trading costs you usually don’t see such as fraud protection and brand safety.

*For enterprise deals, please contact our sales team.

Adello Direct
100% transparency
  • Adello Direct self-serving platform
  • Creative & Adserving
  • Viewability and Fraud Prevention
  • DSP
  • DMP & Audience 

Adello Direct
15% fee = all included


  • 5%Adello direct self-serving platform
  • 10%Creative & Adserving
  • 5 – 15%Viewability and Fraud Prevention
  • 10%DSP
  • 5 – 10%DMP & Audience 

Media Tech costs can sum up to 35%-50%

*Source;*Warc, Global Ad Tech Trends, March 2018.

Compare your key performance numbers

Adello Direct has a built-in campaign estimation tool. Depending on your campaign goals it will calculate your estimated CPM, vCPM, CPC, CPL or CPS for easy comparison of key performance indicators with other advertising campaigns