Campaign Dashboard

Adello Direct offers you to set up mobile advertising campaigns on a simple to use dashboard.

Create multiple flights to test different formats or targeting options, use our Ad Unit builder to create your own advertising campaign formats. With a few clicks only you get stunning creatives to target your audience mobile.

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Ad Unit builder

The Ad Unit builder allows you to build your own mobile creative Ad Units with a few clicks only. Upload your graphics for your creative, take a look at the creative with the preview feature. Happy with the result – your advertisement is ready to go mobile!

Overview on Creative Ad Unit Examples


Campaign Reporting

Get the full spectrum of Campaign Reporting and take control over your data analysis. Adello Direct offers you the full spectrum of reporting such as Reporting on Performance with number of impressions or clicks displayed per day, distribution between web and apps and impressions and clicks per day.

Reporting on Audience will allow you to get results on Performance per age group & Gender Distribution,
number of impressions or clicks displayed relative to each age group (IAB) and number of impressions or clicks, click rate relative to gender. Device OS distribution will showcase performance relative to mobile operating systems making it simple to understanding platform.