Relevance – a key success in marketing

Relevance in marketing

Relevance is crucial in marketing. We have already talked about ad personalization in our precedent blog post, discussing why an ad campaign is destined to fail without personalization and relevance. It is important to make sure that the message appeals, and so is relevant, to your target audience. Otherwise, you will not achieve your marketing goals. A research even shows that 90% of the consumers find annoying to receive messages not personally relevant to them (source: Forbes).

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the difference between personalization and relevance, since sometimes their definitions are overlapping on the internet. Personalization is done by a system, which is used by advertisers, in order to identify and target a certain audience or single person (anonymously) through different options: from demographics, to interests etc.

Once you have your target group, it is important to concentrate on when and how. Here, we are talking about relevance, so “how useful your information is to your customer’s search” (source: Google Ads).

As marketers, we are used to pointing our clients in the right direction, in order to enable them to identify generic ad text and design unique and emotional messages targeted to people looking for something specific. You need to analyze your audience and understand what kind of keywords and phrases works best for them.


Steve Olenski, Forbes contributor, wrote about relevance: “In case any marketers and advertisers forgot, the word relevance is an adjective meaning having direct bearing on the matter in hand; pertinent. In marketing and advertising terms, it means providing your customer, and prospect for that matter, with content that is relevant to them”.

In the same article, Steve Olenski wrote that having people just ignoring your not-relevant ad is actually the best case. Following activities can damage much more your company image: unsubscribe from your emails/newsletter, categorize them as spam, are less likely to buy your products, or never visit your website again. You need to be really careful in the planning of your advertising campaigns in order to avoid those actions.

Relevance is important because you can increase your revenue, ROI, and acquire new customers. An article on Harvard Business Review highlights how the “loyalty era” of marketing is waning, since costumers buy the product that is relevant to their needs in the moment. For this reason it is essentially to offer a tailored experience based on the needs and priorities of your costumers.

A key component of becoming a living business is conveying exactly the right message, experience, or offer to customers in exactly the right context. […] To succeed in this era of relevance, marketers and companies must be continuously willing to abandon the old. As new technologies shift customer journeys and expectations, they can (and should) also enhance companies’ abilities to engage with customers in the most relevant ways. […] Today’s mobile-enabled consumers are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their purchasing decisions. They will choose the brands most relevant to them at an increasingly rapid pace.” (John Zealley, Robert Wollan, and Joshua Bellin on Harvard Business Review)

When talking about adapting to new technologies in order to stay relevant, let’s think about 2020. Last year changed many strategies, starting from the boom of e-commerce, e-learning, online meetings, etc., and the importance of human connection was the core of many campaigns, as we wrote in a blog post before Christmas. Many companies are focusing now from a marketing perspective on the post-pandemic world, and it is important to be aware of all changes that influenced your audience to keep running relevant marketing in 2021.

people with mobile phones

With the digitalization’s boost of last year, you need to consider mobile advertising and social media marketing for your advertising campaigns. The use of smartphones increased, and the easiness that allows you to buy or pay in a shop, look at information everywhere, share and post on social media from these devices is here to stay. People will not stop using mobile phones and their usage will increase every year.

Mobile advertising and social media marketing are also booming because of the creativity of the ads you can put online and the fact that people love to be entertained. In the creative gallery of Adello, you can see how many engaging mobile ads you could put online. From VR showroom to 3D models, swipe cubes, panoramic videos, etc.

If you want to promote, e.g., a new app, website, e-commerce, product, or service, you will have a great advantage if you use those platforms. Why? Because they are the relevant marketing channel for the biggest part of the population nowadays, and they are growing.

Curious to know more about mobile advertising and how to reach the right audience with a relevant ad? Do not hesitate to contact us 😉

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