Relevant ad personalization in 2021

Ad personalization

Personalization is of great importance in marketing. When you target your audience with relevant messages specifically personalized to them, you will reach a lot higher advertising performance. The content will resonate with potential customers and make them engaging more with the advertising.

In this article, we make an overview of different personalization features. This is the basic component of a successful ad campaign.

The other even more essential one is relevance. Without a relevant message, personalization will not work as expected. Relevance helps not only to find the right audience to display your ads but also to convey a message that resonates with their needs, challenges, opinions, and, most importantly, values. Bad relevance can be transformed into bad publicity for your brand. And it deserves a separate article.

Let’s dive into personalization options!

People and mobile phones


Fashion, for example, is not tailored to every generation. You have clothes for kids, teenagers, adults, and elderly people. Age will be one of the most relevant demographics for your ads that will make the difference, since the messages you convey have a generational targeting. For example, when promoting a hotel, you can focus on social life and parties targeting a younger audience or the swimming pool and children space targeting parents. Gender is also relevant for some specific campaigns, e.g., when you advertise a barbershop. We have already discussed how to find gender in a mobile environment in a precedent blog post.


Do you want to target tourists? Locals? People from a specific city or region? All of that is possible with geo-targeting. Here is where mobile advertising stands out at its best. With mobile ads, you can target devices in the specific area of your interest or run a re-targeting campaign towards those who visited a specific location in the past. This will enable you to target people who are, e.g., nearby your shop, in your city or region. For instance, you can re-target people who have seen your (digital)-out-of-home ads with mobile advertising to increase the conversion rate.


Why trying to sell childcare products to someone who is single? Interests tell a lot about a person and enable the advertiser to show the ad to the right target group. This kind of targeting is based on the content a person actively searches on the internet. If someone often navigates on automotive websites and watches Formula One videos, well, this person is for sure a car lover.


Device targeting can enable you to make a specific target campaign for different kinds of phones. For example, when Apple advertises to upsell their secondary products, like headphones or charging cables, they most probably choose only iOS users.

Product re-targeting

You can also target those who have already browsed your website. They are clearly interested in your product or service, and target them again is the right move. Once they see desired products again, the probability of buying is growing exponentially.

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