The 9 Most Popular Types of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Despite the fact, that traditional marketing is still used in advertisement, digital marketplace provided new opportunities in the marketing industry. In this article there will be described the 8 effective digital marketing methods.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a method of digital marketing, when the advertiser pays to searching engine, such as Google or Bing, and the price depends on number of clicks of the ad banners and can vary by website quality and competition.

According to Nate Tsang, the founder and CEO at WallStreetZen, PPC could be considered as a good strategy, upon condition, that the service is provided by the experienced professionals. He also highlighted, that one of the important factors is having a straight-forward landing page for the better visitor conversion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is website optimization, so the website will be displayed on the top of the first searching page. Same as in PPC strategy, there are used the key words, phrases and meta-tags, so the user would be driven to the certain website. In the same time, the webpages are not supposed to be overfull with keywords, because the content is still the most important for potential customers.

Sometimes, Search Engine Optimization are provided by the third-party company. The algorithms of searching systems are changing frequently and this method requires a professional approach.

Ian Sells, who is the founder and CEO of RebateKey, declares, that Search Engine Optimization could be hard, because of amount of website devoted to the same topic. The benefit of this method is that despite the big investment in the beginning of the SEO, later, when the website will gain a certain traffic, the expenses will be decreased.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is multichannel digital marketing strategy, which create its main activity in mobile devices. This strategy has tones of benefits. There are different options of budget requirements, and in the same time ROI of mobile marketing campaign, as a rule, is high. Moreover, 71% of marketers, including Adello, believe, that mobile marketing is a main component in their business.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing, as a rule, is being provided by the giant social media as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedInn and others. The result is achieved with different marketing campaigns such as likes and the post with special promotion. Moreover, the social media provide the business with the demographical and behavioral statistics inside the app or a website, which makes marketing more efficient. The important moment while making a campaign in social media is trying to redirect visitors as much as possible on the website.

Digital Marketing
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Content Marketing

Content marketing allows to increase the awareness about the products or services. Furthermore, it helps to learn about the product more and rise the interest for the future purchase. This information spreading could be achieved with YouTube videos, articles, podcasts and others.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective in the marketplace. The amount of emails has been increased worldwide and continuously grows, according to Statista. The approximate ROI on this kind of marketing is averagely $42, which makes this method beneficial for businesses. One of the benefits of this method marketing is that mailing is processed to those customers, who have subscribed by you. Thus, they might have a strong interest in your company. For the better efficiency, marketers use the special software to optimize mailing.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing remains relatively new method. The main goal of this strategy is to advertise through the social media users, who gained a significant number of followers and have a loyal audience. By choosing the right person for advertisement, companies, as a rule, rely on those influencers, who are somehow related to their brand.

Viral Marketing

Commonly, viral marketing is performed in the social media. It could be meme or viral video, which will be shared by users. The difference from social media marketing is that viral marketing is being done by the customers when they spread the information about the brand.

Digital Marketing is an important component of advertisement on the Internet. By choosing the company who provide such services, trust the experts, who have a significant experience on this field. Do not afraid of use new technologies and software, which will help to optimize your work. Be open for new trends and observe the new tendencies.

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