Three reasons why to run mobile advertising for Christmas 2020

Advertising Christmas

This Christmas will be a special moment for all of us. After a year full of new challenges, the time of joy and family reunions is finally approaching.

These holidays, we will probably be more virtually connected than in every past festivity. Mobile phones have helped us keep in touch with our beloved ones and make the best out of difficult situations.

2020 seems to have influenced Christmas advertising on all channels, including the mobile ones. The focus of most Christmas campaigns this season will be on human relationships and the simplicity of enjoying spending time with family. By going back to basics, brands can humanize their advertising, wrapping attractive sales messages in the cover of compassion, happiness, and optimism.

Every year, Christmas is also the time when people are in the festive mood. We enjoy sharing happy moments, joy and cheers with our beloved ones. This December is not an exception. People would like for once to get distracted and entertained instead of being constantly reminded of the Covid-19 situation. In particular, if we are talking about Millennials and Gen Z.

So, why is mobile advertising important for Christmas 2020?

More people shop on their mobile phones

Since this year we had to stay at home most of the time, more people started to spend their “free time” scrolling online shops on their smartphones (Let’s be honest, you are one of them 😊).

Mobile commerce is destined to grow 68% by 2022 because of the higher acceptance of purchasing goods on mobile phones.

Besides, this year we also observed fast growth of consumer interest in in-app shopping. It increased on improved by 37% compared to last year. Due to the boom of in-app shopping activities in 2020, this Christmas, people will shop on their mobile phones more than ever.

Obviously, the new sexy unlimited data plans offered by telcos all around the world help a lot.

These facts alone give many reasons to push your Christmas advertising via mobile web and apps.

Mobile commerce

Mobile traffic rises

Have you ever received or gave a smartphone as a Christmas gift?

I did, and all the Adello team, too 😊. It’s not a surprise why mobile phones are considered one of the most popular Christmas presents. Just to give you an idea, last year 143 million people around the world received such a gift.

This year’s smartphone sales spike could be even higher due to the introduction of 5G on phones and the need to feel closer to your family and friends with online videos and chats.

In the first three months, people with a new phone install 3x more apps compared to the next full year owning it. When they are in a “discovery mode”, it is simply easier to push them to try something new. Having curious people surfing the internet increase the possibility of your ad to be seen, of your product to be known, and, why not, to be bought right away.

Mobile phones Christmas

Great time for mobile interactive ads

Mobile interactive ads are important since they increase consumer engagement by capturing their attention in the best way through the movements. The game-like interactive formats with implemented short videos are the most effective.

More than half of the digital consumers want to see Christmas-related creatives and videos from their favorite brands during the holidays. 58% of them watch it on mobile 😉.

Especially this year, we have people who want to think about something else than Covid-19. Most of the consumers would like to be distracted and entertained for once. Since the marketing focus of these holidays is not on the pandemic and interactive ads are so engaging, these kinds of ads can be appreciated in the Christmas season even more than usual.

With people using their mobile phones even more during the Christmas period, there is a high chance for your mobile ad to be seen and for your product to be bought.

Once more we see how mobile advertising is continually rising from the crown of advertising channels. These ads have advantages not only for Christmas but for the whole year. Just check out our blog and case studies 😉.

The clock is ticking, is your mobile ad ready to be launched for these holidays?

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