Top 20 visionaries of the media and technology industry featured in Adello Magazine is coming to the end

Adello Magazine 2020

In a year that has changed the way we live and work, pushed digital transformation on the global scale, and boosted innovative progress, it is important to hear the voices of leaders that help us understand these changes better.

We want to thank 20 prominent experts and professionals for their contribution to Adello Magazine. Together we were able to inspire people and share valuable insights into the challenging topics of today’s world.

Gerd Leonhard brought us to the future where technologies take the biggest part of the world, putting our humanity to the test. Nicolas Bürer has shared his view on the challenges and opportunities for the Swiss innovation growth.

We talked about new opportunities with AI, robotics, and automatization in such areas as the government with Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler, art and creativity with Frank Bodin, and sport with Joko Vogel. Besides, Markus Naef showed us how to protect your personal and business data in the digital space.

We discussed how to identify new growth potentials for corporate business with Kathrin Hösli, then looked at startups funding opportunities with Thomas Kaiser and the unique F.A.C.E. technique to run a startup till a successful exit with David B Horne.

We learned about how to lead a company through the digital transformation during the crisis with Kamales Lardi and how to implement the philosophy of agile leadership with Reshma Ramachandran. We discovered the importance of building diverse and inclusive teams with Lida Tohidi and ways to empower every employee to increase business output with Hannah Amstad.

We covered the changes in customer behavior with Prof. Dr. Harley Krohmer, new ways for social media marketing with Cedrick Wolf, and strategic digital and omnichannel activities with Laure Frank. We analyzed the business and marketing innovations in China with Ashley Dudarenok.

Moreover, Selma Kuyas and Manuela Leonhard showed us how to use social media channels to find talents, grow the personal network, and stay connected even when we are separated apart. Finally, Michel Jordi reminded us about the importance of being more respectful for our society and protecting each other.

These people helped us spreading knowledge and getting through a difficult time with their brilliant solutions and ideas.


Adello Magazine 2020

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